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Sim Database is a leading SIM lookup service in Pakistan, allowing users to check the owner name, mobile network, and location of any Pakistani mobile number.

Currently, the database consists of records for over 150 million SIM cards from mobile operators such as Jazz, Telenor, Zong, Ufone, and others. The data is generated by mobile operators and updated regularly.

Features of Sim Database

Ownership Details: Sim Database Tools allow users to retrieve ownership details associated with a specific mobile number or SIM card. This information often includes the name of the cardholder, their address, and contact details.

Network Carrier Identification: Users can identify the network carrier or service provider associated with a particular SIM card. This helps individuals make informed decisions about communication services.

CNIC Verification: Sim Database Tools offer CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) verification, enabling users to confirm the identity of the person linked to a particular SIM card. This is especially valuable for identity verification in various scenarios.

SIM Registration Status: Users can check the registration status of a SIM card to ensure compliance with telecommunications regulations. This feature helps prevent the misuse of unregistered or illegally registered SIMs.

Checking SIM Details on

Simdatabase offers a user-friendly interface to check SIM card details in three simple steps:

1. Enter the Phone Number

On the homepage, enter the 11-digit Pakistani mobile number without any spaces or dashes. Both pre-paid and post-paid numbers can be checked.

2. Enter the CNIC (Optional)

For additional verification, you can also enter the 13-digit CNIC number linked to the SIM. This helps extract details of SIMs issued against someone’s identity.

3. View SIM Card Details

The output page will display the following information about the submitted mobile number:

  • Owner Name
  • Mobile network
  • City of issue
  • SIM activation date

The results accurately show the SIM card’s issuance details and verified owner name as per government records.

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Trace Location

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Our Lagre Database System

The Sim Database is a vast repository of information containing millions of records, encompassing phone numbers, addresses, and detailed ownership information. Within its extensive database, it stores a wealth of data related to mobile numbers and their respective owners. This rich resource empowers users to access comprehensive insights into the world of telecommunications, providing transparency and facilitating identity verification. Whether it’s confirming the authenticity of a mobile number or retrieving details about the owner’s identity, the Sim Database stands as a trove of valuable information, ready to serve the needs of individuals and businesses in Pakistan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What would you like to know?

A SIM Database is an online platform that stores information related to SIM cards, mobile numbers, and their respective owners.

A SIM Database typically contains details such as the owner’s name, address, CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) information, network carrier, and sometimes, the SIM’s registration status.

You might use a SIM Database to verify the authenticity of a mobile number, confirm the identity of the person associated with it, or check the network carrier.

Pak Sim Data is an online tool or service that provides information about Pakistani mobile SIM cards, including ownership details and network carrier information.

Pak Sim Data services typically cover a wide range of mobile numbers in Pakistan. However, the availability of such services can vary, and not all numbers may be included.

CNIC Information refers to details related to an individual’s Computerized National Identity Card, a crucial identification document in Pakistan. It includes personal information such as name, date of birth, and address.

You might use CNIC Information services to confirm the identity of an individual, verify their address, or ensure that the CNIC is valid and accurate when dealing with important transactions or contacts.