Top 3 Number Tracking Apps in Pakistan

Phone tracking apps can assist anybody listening in on an unsuspecting individual’s phone. Understandably, maximum human beings approach those apps with a rather cynical attitude due to the fact their legitimacy is difficult to fathom.

Those who illegally use those apps in present-day society will face intense penalties. Now, at the same time as we have got used them in the past for unethical reasons, there are simply as many valid reasons to have spyware apps. For example, concerned parents can use them to screen their kids’ cell phone activity.

1.TrueCaller Caller ID & Block

TrueCaller is an app for smartphones that suggests the calling person while the person calls, even supposing the caller isn’t withinside the person’s deal with book.
It additionally blocks undesirable calls, stopping you from being disturbed through unwanted ringtones. The app is gaining a reputation with tens of millions of customers. It may be very powerful at figuring out and in the long run blocking unwanted calls and matching names and numbers. Now, please study this newsletter to give up earlier than putting in it now. Your selection can be barely greater complicated.

When you put in TrueCaller, it is going via a short registration process that calls for you to log in together along with your Google Account, Facebook Account, or Microsoft Account.


TrueCaller started as a first-rate effective caller ID app. It will let you know who’s calling, irrespective of who the caller is and where they’re coming from. You will now not see matters like “anonymous” or “non-public quantity” in incoming calls. You’re additionally free from demanding enterprise calls or calls from a wet blanket.

TrueCaller Disadvantages

TrueCaller has been established to be inaccurate in a few cases, however actually correct. Also, the app remains driven through ads. Although it has ads, they’re discreet and unintrusive.

The largest drawbacks of the app and carrier are privacy, safety, and intrusion concerns. It’s a touch intimidating and bizarre proper from the start, especially when you recognize the way it works and goes through the setup process.

2. True Directory – Caller ID

True Directory Checker app is a real and correct data app, with the assistance of this app you may take a look at the sim database of any sim card in the Pakistan community online. This app is a brand-new sim possession checker. There is an app made through HR Soft’s Offer people. So far, greater than 1M+ customers have used this app, and because of this, this app has ended up very popular.

This app additionally maintains your information, in case you are a Pakistani, this app additionally offers you stay tracker sim information Pakistan together with your very own data which may be varied or id to create your sim on its account. Because you may get its hyperlink beneath after which click on it and you’ll set up this app after which you may get actual information.

View Feature True Directory Online in Pakistan App.

• Check impersonated person data
• Find the full quantity of CNICs
• Display SIM owner information inclusive of SIM owner call, deal with, and different numbers.

3. Eyecon Caller ID & Spam Block

Eyecon has a pleasing personal interface. Its major interface is split into 3 sections – History, Home, and Profile.


This section is split into subsections – All Calls and Missed Calls. To see a listing of all incoming/outgoing calls, click on the “All” option. To view the handiest missed calls, click on the Missed Calls tab. The records interface helps perspectives – listing and grid. Both perspectives show the caller’s call, photo, and time. The listing view suggests a smaller photo of the caller. Grid view presentations a massive photo. This is the handiest distinction between the 2 perspectives.

Above the photo, Eyecon presents a tiny plus icon. If your faucet has this icon, you may see alternatives to view the caller’s information, upload the quantity for your contacts listing, and ship a WhatsApp message to the caller. Eyecon routinely recognizes spam calls. In the top proper nook of this interface, you may discover a button to clean name history.

How do I differentiate between spam and non-spam calls in Eyecon? Spam calls are highlighted with a date with a pink history color.

Eyecon presents a listing of currently dialed phone numbers and contacts in the major interface.

Eyecon’s profile interface lets customers set a profile photograph and their call. The images/thumbnails you may see withinside the history and missed name logs are uploaded through the person himself.

Custom made
Eyecon lets customers alternate the history gradient subject color of the application. It additionally allows you to set a custom history photo for the interface.

Eyecon allows you to type the phone numbers displayed in the listing through call or purpose. To permit its Caller ID feature, you must offer Eyecon permissions to the Android OS’s “Draw different apps” and “Ignore battery optimization” features.

Sometimes you could need to ship a text message to a person in case you decline their name. If you are in a meeting or traveling, you won’t be able to find a message. If you are using Eyecon, you may install custom textual content messages for rejected calls. When you reject an incoming name, you may ship this message with the pressing of a button.

Set up
Users can configure Eyecon to show its shortcut icon and missed name notifications on the lock screen. Eyecon lets you specify a default SIM card for calls. It consists of a choice to disable the Caller ID module and alternate the size of the Caller ID interface. It additionally lets the person alternate the interface language.


In this article, I discuss the best number tracker and caller id apps in Pakistan. All of the apps are totally free and you can download or install these apps from Google Playstore easily.

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